Did you think I was somebody else?
And you won't find any nails in my hands!

At Galen Glenn
If you think that I'm some sort of GOD,
believe me, you are mistaken.

If you thought I'd be the new Messiah,
believe me, this may mess with your mind. . .

Know that i'm a Muslim Master Mind,
come to tell you the truth about GOD.

This is the Absolute Truth (in PDF format)!

And this is a Poem I wrote just a moment ago

Now it is your turn to make the choice.

Each of the links below will take you into my mind.
Do you think you can handle what you find?
Do you believe in anything or do you think about nothing at all?
In reality it's all the truth, except the divinity of man
That is the Ultimate Conceit!
Only GOD is the Infinite Reality, the creator of all that is finite.

If you believe you think reasonably,
then you may discover the reason for life itself.
But if you can't think for yourself you just may not figure it out.

C'est la Vie.

Never fear what you can't know, but know that all life must come to an end.
Will you be ready for when that time arrives, or do you deny the truth of this reality?

If you can't decide in the alotted time you'll be in the coffeeshop soon.
Take a look around and if you like what you've found, stay for a while.
You just may find something to do,
but know that I will have done it myself first.

Except for that final thing. . .
I'm in no rush for that.